Our Leaders

God has blessed our church with anointed, ordained leaders. Reverends, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, and Trustees. They all assist our Pastor in helping him with different aspects of ministry who love preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Our Leaders:
Reverend Leon Brunson
Elder Adrian Dozier
Reverend Annette Espinell
Youth Minister Nashana Holmes
First Lady Lillian McGraw
Pastor James McGraw


Deacon Board:
Deacon Dorothy Russell
Deacon Joseph Blanchard
Deaconess Viola Blanchard
Deaconess Stephani Martinez
Deacon Eddie Martinez
Deaconess Willie B. Anderson


Trustee Board:
Deacon Dorothy Russell
Sis. Paulette Fields
Deaconess Stephani Martinez
Sis. Fenesha Blanchard